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Advertising and Promotional Graphics

Our wide range of proven graphics solutions will deliver your message on vehicles, buildings and pavements. Whether you require outdoor advertising, window graphics, advertising at airports or bus stops, floor and pavement graphics or vehicle signage, 3M™ has the solution to make sure you have the best exposure.

Scotchprint® Graphics logo

Backed by the industry's most comprehensive warranty and support, Scotchprint® Graphics are extensively used to create large format graphics with maximum impact.

Public Transport Advertising
Public Transport Advertising - Train, Taxi & Bus Advertising

Use Scotchprint® Graphics to spread your message on buses, trains and taxis, at airports, bus depots and railway stations, and wherever an advertising opportunity exists. Our comprehensive range of graphic films, suitable for inside or outside display, makes it easy for you to create high-impact, high-quality promotional solutions wherever people travel. Find out where to buy.

Floor and Pavement Graphics
Street, Floor and Pavement Graphics

Watch where you’re walking! Other people do, so exploit those floors and pavements! Use our comprehensive range of graphic films to capture attention and deliver your message in an unusual way, by creating short-term or seasonal promotional campaigns wherever people walk, inside or outdoors. Find out where to buy.

Vehicle Graphics

For many people, fleet graphics have more impact than billboards. Use our wide range of specialised weather, graffiti, and abrasion resistant materials and technologies to meet all your vehicle advertising needs, and get more mileage out of your message. Visit our vehicle wrapping website for more information on all your car wrapping, van wrapping and truck graphics requirements.

Building and Window Graphics
Building and Window Graphics

Scotchprint® Graphics give you the freedom to create distinctive corporate images for your premises. Use our wide range of building and windows graphics products to deliver cost-effective, image-building impressions of your corporate message, every day. Find out where to buy.

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